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Tervanus (Tervanus) 400
Sith Empire
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Healers and Ranged DPS
Healers, CC, and crazy DPS
Tanks mainly
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"PvE is a lie, there is only PvP"
​"Through PvP, I establish my Dominance"
"Through Dominance, I establish my Name"
"With my name, I inspire fear and anger"
"Feared and angered, my enemies cry"
"With my enemies' tears, my thirst is slaked"
"...until the next warzone..."

- Code of Bull-Sith

Hello, and welcome to Bull-Sith, the site. I am Darth Tervanus - guildmaster, and all around nice guy...sometimes. Okay, almost never! Anyways, if you are viewing this site right now, you're either a member of the guild trying to sign up, or a potential member checking us out. If you're the former, awesome, sign up already. If you're the latter, well...let me sum us up.

Bull-Sith is a casual Imperial guild. Casual in the sense that we don't view the game as life, and don't nerd rage about any misfortune that befalls our toons. We're also not about rushing to end game, or hurrying to get the best gear - none of that nonsense that turns gaming into 'work'. We're here for fun. 
We're active. Some of us playing nearly all day, every day. I myself am on a lot. So, you won't have to deal with an absentee leader. 
Friendly? Yes. We won't ignore you, or make fun of you, anything like that. You ask a question, you get an answer...usually. Warzones and all that. Sometimes you miss a guild post. If you need help with something, again, ask and most the time you shall receive.
Vent? Yes. Since the game doesn't support it's own in-game voice chat, we've set up a ventrilo account. Makes flashpoints, warzones, and all that stuff a lot easier. Sucks to be in the middle of a boss fight and have to type instructions. 
Requirements for joining? Must be 20+. No kids, no exceptions. Also, if by chance you are ex-WoW, then please, leave the Gnome and Panda talk for that game's different chats. Any mention of WoW in guild chat will result in you being kicked, as we're all tired of it.  Other than those two things, make sure to be active. Once a day, or once every 2-3 days at least. If you don't log on for a week, you'll be kicked. Well, unless you tell us you'll be gone first. Then you're cool. 

Lastly, we're PvP oriented. Which makes sense, as the Shadow Runner is a PvP server. We don't mind ganking or zerging. So long as you're kicking Rep ass, you can do as you please. After all, we're the Empire. We're Sith. Where does it say WE have to play fair? 
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